Holiday Drinking

Each year, winter holiday and New Year’s Eve celebrations ring in a dramatic increase in DUI offenses, binge drinking, and other alcohol-related issues. The resources on this page include links, images, and infographics about holiday Drinking and DUIs as well as sobriety support and safe driving options. Give the gift of awareness and share these with your community, and together, we can make a happy and safe holiday for all!

Alcohol and Pregnancy- CDC

Alcohol use during pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs), which are physical, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities that last a lifetime

Do you know the Signs of Drug Abuse?

Knowledge and  an objective assessments are the key to identifying drug abuse.

Drive Baked, Get Busted

Marijuana's side-effects include slower reaction time, tunnel vision, impaired thought process, paranoia... does this sound safe?  Not only is it dangers for the driver but what about the innocent families on our roads!  Don't Drive STONED!

Drug Take Back - October 27th

Please support our Drug Take Back Days

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